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Netvision Wifi for Business

Netvision can enable your business to become Wifi, which is the preferred way of getting connected for your customers and employees in today’s world. Don’t get entagled into Wires. Let us go Wireless, Let us go WIFI.

Our enterprise grade Wifi, improves the experience that your employees, guests and customers have with your Internet connectivity. It is common knowledge now that customers spend 50% more money in a Businesses that offers Wifi in their stores and shops.

Our cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution provides enterprise-grade security, ease of deployment, visibility and control of your network.

Netvision’s suite of Wifi services includes site inspection, assessment of services to be provided, network design, supply of Wifi Access Points, software solution for user authentication and billing, provision of user policies for data control and speed, provision to control content for each user and so on.

We have successfully provided solutions to the hotels, resorts, schools, universities, corporate and government offices and factories.

Fast & Private WiFi for your business

  • Wirelessly connect any device — Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones can all connect to your Business WiFi connection
  • Provide employees a private, internal WiFi network so they can access the files they need from anywhere in your business
  • Always on, always fast access to email and other business applications on your network
  • No additional equipment needed — Spectrum Business provides the wireless controllers, wireless routers, installation and 24×7 support
  • No hassle of Wires
    Manage which websites need to be blocked from the users
  • Reduce expense of bandwidth by defining speeds and data limits for each user
  • Fully secure – for internal users and guests as well
  • Fully monitored solution – we will give them an admin module to check the performance of connectivity and alerts when things are not going well
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Management can get a report of active/deactive time status of each employee to know when the employees were working and when not!